A brand new space for ByWater Services

August 24, 2020

On Wednesday 1st July 2020, ByWater Services expanded the existing factory/stores and office space, from 3000sqft to a sizeable 6000sqft. This space now holds a brand new, purpose built production office, dedicated store space, and a spacious new office area, which features a large air conditioned meeting room, three new offices and much needed increased welfare facilities. There has already been a tremendous difference in productivity!

We are pleased to say we have also installed a new security alarm system and CCTV, to ensure safety throughout our spaces.

We are situated along Telford Way on Stephenson Industrial Estate, which can easily be located via Stephenson Way. More information on our location can be found here.

Good quality water services are always in demand. ByWater Services specialise in commercial water treatment systems, wash water reclamation systems and other related equipment including design, installation and maintenance. In response to an ever increasing demand, ByWater have developed a complete range of high quality wash water recycling systems designed to minimise water costs and protect the environment. Whether your requirement be financial or environmental we are able supply the wash water recycling system to suit your needs.

Unfortunately for now, our new building is not open to the public and only essential visits are scheduled with full social distancing measures in place. ByWater Services are actively monitoring the official COVID-19 guidance issued by Public Health England and the UK Government, to ensure we are operating safely and responsibly in line with all appropriate measures. We will be sure to keep you informed.