The Marine Kleen is designed specifically for recycling marine boat wash water for reuse and is setting the standard in closed loop boat wash recycling systems.  A turnkey solution, it collects and cleans the contaminated water from your wash pad, ready for reuse through the built in pressure washer.

The used wash water typically contains high levels of algae, organics, biologicals, solids, sand, paint, particles and hydrocarbons. The Marine Kleen filtration system uses settlement, activated carbon filtration, aeration, medium depth filters and chlorination to clean the used wash water to a reusable , odour free standard.

Marine Kleen

Why is the Marine Kleen so popular with our boating clients? Ease of use, cost and its environmental credentials set it apart.

  • Integral 18ltr/min power washer
  • Onboard water storage tank
  • Cleans wash water ready for reuse
  • Easily installed

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