With over 1000 systems installed and maintained since 1999, ByWater are the UK market leaders in wash down & recycling systems and offer a variety of solutions to accommodate every type of wash down facility. All systems are WTL approved for ECA tax incentives.

The GM-MKll Turf Care Wash Down System is available for above or below ground installation and features our unique rain water separation system which means it never discharges filtered water to surface drain even after a ‘down pour’! Ask our competitors what their systems do with excess water when it rains! If they treat it and allow it to overflow to the ground or to a water course then a permit to discharge is required BY LAW. Discharge permits are not readily provided by the EA and to discharge without permit will almost certainly result in prosecution.

The GM-MKll provides you with a clean, efficient and completely legal wash down station, without the need for a discharge permit (unlike our competitors).

The biological filter is fed automatically with a special blend of enzymes so, unlike other systems on the market, there is no need for regular feeding by hand!

The GM-MKll wash down & full recycling system is probably the most cost effective system on the market and is MANUFACTURED HERE IN THE UK.

ByWater are able to provide a full turnkey package including wash pad, civil works, fuel stations, mixings tanks and chemical stores - everything required to create a fully contained environmental activity centre.

Our highly professional and friendly sales team will provide you with unbiased advice to enable you to make an informed decision with regard to the installation of an effective wash down facility.

GM-MKll - the ideal solution to your wash down and environmental issues.


Features and benefits:

  • Low cost and maintenance
  • Full environmental compliance
  • Zero discharge system (even after heavy rain)
  • Above or below ground installation
  • High quality UK manufactured
  • Fully automatic & year round operation
  • Turnkey solutions
  • WTL approved with tax incentives

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Bywater Services are recognised across the UK as one of the leading providers of water services for business.

  • Trusted by 1,000's of clients across the UK
  • 30 years experience
  • Nationwide service coverage
  • Fully certified and accredited
  • Safe contractor approved
  • Safe COVID operational procedures

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